Support Unit


 Class  Teacher  School Learning Support Officer
 K-3K  Ms Kathy Ntziaferis (Assistant Principal - Support Unit)  Mrs Debbie Hume
 3-6T  Mr Roberto Tacuri  Mrs Natasha Thoma
 2-6H  Ms Julie Hunt  Mrs Fran Woods
 K-3F  Ms Wendy Fox  Mrs Nicole Clifton


Support Unit Transport

Children should arrive at school no earlier than 8.45am.  A teacher is on duty at this time. 

Taxis pick students up at 2.45pm in the afternoon.  Students are dropped off and picked up from the Support Unit Hall and Support Unit car park.

Taxi drivers have been notified in writing that no child should be left unattended in the car/van.

Please ensure that you wait for your child outside your home in the morning and afternoon.  Taxi drivers have been informed by Transport that they should only wait for 3 minutes then drive to the next destination.

Students that are not on special transport finish school at 2.45pm.

Teaching and Learning

All students in the Support Unit have an Individual Education Program (IEP).  Teachers program within the Key Learning Area (KLA) framework.  They are collaboratively developed by parents, school staff and therapists.  The IEP will be updated as necessary by the planning team when targeted outcomes have been achieved.

Living Skills Program

Living skills is a component of the KLA (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education).

The living skills program aims to develop a broad range of skills, which will lead to a degree of independence in present and future living situations.

Program Component

Personal Development

¨   Grooming skills

¨  Dressing and undressing (swimming)

¨   Personal hygiene

¨   Peer support lessons

Home Skills

¨   Preparing simple meals and drinks.

Community Mobility

¨      Catching a bus/train

¨      Moving around the community safely

¨      Road safety

¨      Eating in a restaurant/café

Money Program

¨      Recognising coins and notes

¨      Handling money in a shop

¨      Keeping money in a wallet

Social Skills

Focusing on eye contact, voice volume, social distance, talking and listening.


Parent/Teacher Meetings

Gardeners Road Public School welcomes parents and friends into the school community and looks forward to hearing your comments and contributions that continue to make our school a happy and positive learning environment.  It is however necessary to make an appointment with your child's class teacher at a mutually suitable time if you wish to discuss their progress.

Personalised Learning and Support Planning Day

All Parents/Carers, Therapist and Teacher are invited in March to assist in the design of their child's program.

The class teacher gives an overview of your child's assessment and progress.

Parents and Therapists are encouraged to contribute to the plan.


Reviews                                                                                   Interactive Whiteboard to enhance learning


Review meetings are usually conducted in August every year.

All Parents/Carers, Class Teacher, Therapists, Principal and District Personnel are present.  During this time an overview is given regarding your child's progress and any concerns or issues are addressed.

Gardeners Road Public School promotes the development of positive study habits both at school and at home.  The students in Year 1 through to Year 6 are provided with homework each week related to the current teaching/learning program being implemented in the class.  The class teacher will provide the amount of homework appropriate for your child.  Home Reading is additional and is considered to be an ideal opportunity for parents to enjoy sharing the wonderful world of literacy.

Classroom Assistance
You are a valuable resource.  If you have any time available to assist us please let us know.  Thank you for coming along today.  We look forward to getting to know you throughout the year.

Communication Books
A communication book has been provided for each child in the Support Unit.  Teachers will regularly inform you of things happening in the class.  Please feel free to write in the communication book informing teachers/teachers' aides of any issues or concerns you may have.