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Last updated 3:38 PM on 5 May 2016

Positive Behaviours for Learning



What Does it Look Like Now at GRPS?

The safe, respectful, learning students at Gardeners Road Public School are positively recognised in a variety of ways by all of the teaching staff - most importantly through a GForce ticket.

Students have one semester (two terms) to earn 30 tickets to complete their GForce card which is displayed in their classroom.

GForce tickets are given to students who speak to and treat others respectfully, have all of their school books and stationery unpacked and ready for the day's learning, and who walk around the school corridors and classrooms safely. However, these are only a few of the many ways students might receive a ticket.

Once a GForce card is completed, students will be recognised at our school Assembly. We will continue to sing our GForce song and publish their names in our Gazette. Students may achieve 30 tickets at any time during the semester and will work towards completing another card.

Students will continue to work through a Bronze, Silver and Gold level outlined in the table below. Each Stage is working on only one of these levels with Early Stage 1 working on a Certificate level.

Year 6 students who have worked safely and respectfully throughout their time at Gardeners Road PS will be recognised by the principal at the end of the year.

Please speak to your child about their GForce card and encourage them to make safe, respectful, learning choices throughout their school day.