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Last updated 1:30 PM on 6 May 2016

On Thursday, 20th of May, our school will participate in Walk Safely to School Day. This is a great opportunity for you to walk your child to school. 


Some of the benefits of walking safely to school are:

  • improving the health and fitness of your family
  • reducing negative impacts on the environment
  • reducing congestion and improving the safety of roads and our carpark
  • an opportunity to connect and bond with your child
  • modelling safe behaviours
  • improving social skills
  • promioting brain activity and better learning at school
  • improving mental health
  • developing local area knowledge
  • developing of spatial awareness


Tips for walking together to and from school 


  • Plan your trip to school so you are using pedestrian crossing areas where possible.
  • Always hold your child's hand up until the age of eight. Young children need your help to spot danger like vehicles coming out of driveways. They can also be easily distracted and wander into traffic.
  • When walking, always enter the school through a pedestrian gate, never through the car park. 
  • When picking up and dropping off in the car park always walk your child to and from the playground, never let them cross on their own. 
  • Talk to your children about Stop, Look, Listen and Think every time they cross the road.

Stop one step back from the kerb.

Look for traffic to your right, left and right again.

Listen for the sounds of approaching traffic.

Think whether it is safe to cross.

Young children can learn these safe pedestrian habits from you and continue them later on when they are old enough to travel alone.

If you can't walk all the way to school park a block away and walk the last part. 

If you would like to volunteer on the morning to hand out fruit and stickers please contact Ms Murray on