Safety is a concern for all and everyone at this school is expected to take responsibility for it.

Please take time to read the Department of Education & Communities OHS Policy


WH&S Staff representatives at our school are:

Principal - Kim Sheen

WH&S Represenative: Joanne McDonald

WH&S Committee Members: Sue Ferrier, Dot Gargoulakis, Kathy Ntziaferis, Paula Lott



WH&S induction training is a requirement for all employees. The Department has developed a number of packages to meet the needs of both school and office based staff. Please click on link below to complete the induction process.

OHS Induction



All hazards should be reported using the Hazard Report form which can be found on the OHS board in each building.



Follow the steps listed on our Emergency Plan



First aid kits are available in all classrooms and in the blue bags that teachers carry whilst on duty on the playground. Nicole Clifton is our first aid officer. If Nicole is not available please contact the front office.