School Policies and Info Sheets

At Gardeners Road Public School a number of policies have been developed in line with the policies and requirements of the Department of Education and Communities to ensure that our students are provided with and environment that is a safe, respectul and inclusive learning environment.


The Anti-bullying Plan advises all members of the school community of the Department's Anti Bullying Policy. The Plan outlines the processes for preventing and responding to bullying in our school.


The Student Wellbeing and Welfare Policy  caters for the well being of all students and aims to enable our students to become engaged learners and responsible global and local citizens.


The Health Care and Medication Policy  describes the reasoning behind the requirements for parents to provide to the school, information regarding current prescribed medication/s that students may need to have administered during school hours. This document also includes the request forms for parents to complete and must be  provided along with any medications as dispensed by the chemist. (Please note that only medication in the original packaging with the prescription information included can be accepted to be administered at school). The request forms must be completed and presented at the school for all medications - long or short term - prior to medications being administered during school hours.


The Sunsafe Policy explains the reasoning behind the requirements for students to wear a school hat whilst in the playground areas and transitioning between the buildings of the school.


The GRPS School Uniform Policy explains the reasoning behind and the requirements for the students of the school to wear appropriate school uniforms daily.


School Information:

The School Readiness  information sheet is a valuable resource for parents of students who are commencing Kindergarten.