School Uniform


The wearing of a school uniform can encourage pride in the school, assist in the maintenance of tone and good conduct,

and reduce to a minimum the undesirable distinctions between children in the same school because of clothing.

The wearing of a school uniform may provide greater security for children travelling to and from school". 

NSW Department of Education.


Our School has a uniform policy (see:  Uniform Policy ) and Parents are requested to assist in ensuring that children wear the appropriate uniform at all times. 

Black shoes should be worn for all uniforms, and are strongly recommended for safety and health. 

Joggers, gym boots etc. are only worn for Sport/P.E. and are most inappropriate for day to day wear. 

Sandals or thongs are not permitted under any circumstances.


School hats and library bags are also available at the school office.

Other items can be purchased from PSW at Kingsford (phone 9613 6003) or Wylies School Wear at Maroubra (phone 9344 5777).

Our school has a no hat, no play rule as part of our Sunsafe Policy.  (see: Sunsafe Policy )

Please label all your child's belongings clearly with his/her name.