Students in 1/2AK work through the Daily Five every day to improve their literacy skills.

The stations students work through are called:

1. Working on Writing: Students create a range written texts.

2. Read to Self: Students work on their fluency, expression and stamina to become better readers.

3. Word Work: Students expand their vocabulary and strengthen their understanding of letters and words to spell.

4. Read To Someone: Students listen and help each other to improve theirreading and comprehension skills.

5. Listen to Reading: Stuidents listen and work with technology to see good examples of reading quality texts.


With these five activities 1/2AK learners are becoming stronger! 



Welcome to 2017

We hope all the students and their families have enjoyed their summer school holidays and are ready to jump straight into their learning in our new class, 1/2AK. 
Your teachers are:  Mrs Aileen Anderson (Mon- Tues) & Mr Michael Kubala (Wed-Fri)
Our Term One Overview: 
Parent Handout 2017 (pdf 302 KB)
This term's homework is available below. 
Homework Stage One (pdf 633 KB)
Superhero Welcome